Architect Website Design Tips

Each website should be tailored to meet the needs of each individual business droom. It is possible that people will not associate it with your company, which can have a negative impact on your business. If you’re designing a website for a architect, here are some helpful tips.

Websites should promote the brand

The website of an architect is crucial to help support and develop his/her brand. If you have an established and strong brand, you will be remembered by people who need an architect.

Taglines are essential for your website

After people have visited your site, you do not have much time. It is important that visitors understand the purpose of your site within the first couple seconds. The tagline on your site will allow visitors to understand the mission and philosophy of your business. This tagline should give the reader a good idea of your architectural business by just reading it.

Use a consistent navigation system

A visitor can be very frustrated when they are trying to figure out on each page how to navigate your site. The navigation of your website should be consistent throughout all pages.

Logo linking to homepage

People expect certain things from a web page when they visit it. The logo will be on every page and link to the homepage. It is because most people do not use the navigation to go back to their homepage. Many people will simply click on the logo and be taken to their homepage. Your site may not have a link to your homepage or a logo on every page. This can lead to sloppy user experience, as visitors will have to navigate through each page in order to get back to the main page.

Consistent color and typeface

It is important to ensure that the fonts and colors you use are all consistent. Consistency is also required in the linking. Avoid placing unnecessary links in the pages. It is bad for your website if the user clicks a link and realizes he/she left without realizing.

Web pages that are easy to understand

You should make sure that your content and site design is easy to understand. Your site visitors will not read your content word-for-word. The visitor will probably skim the content and get a sense of its topic. Keep the design and content simple to make it easy to read.

Even if you are the best architect, if your site does not show off your work in a professional manner, then no one is going to hire you or even take your work serious. After understanding your requirements, a web design company can assist you in designing a site that shows off your work.

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